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I’d love to help you to get what you want — and to want what you get!

I believe that, far too often we think we know what will make us happy. So we strive for whatever we've identified as being important.

After the initial rush of blood to the head — the result of your success — the shine quickly wears off your achievement. You find yourself once again desiring … something more. And then it might feel as if you're never satisfied; that there's something wrong with you.

Sound familiar?

I know, I've been there too. It can feel like a constant hunger — that no matter what you do, the satisfaction is always short-lived. The hunger returns, gnawing at your soul.

Or you don’t achieve the goal

Maybe you just lose interest, or it all becomes too hard. But the lack of achievement dents your self-confidence and motivation. It causes self-doubt, negative self-talk and maybe even low self-esteem.

So what are you searching for?

woman searching for purpose and meaning in life

Maybe you can't answer that question. You just know that you want more. I spent years searching for 'more'. The thoughts that drive you could be "There must be more to life than this?" and "What am I here for?" Or even "It's my time. Now what?"

In the end, what may be missing is you. How long has it been since you connected with yourself and felt a sense of your being? You're already really good at 'doing' — in fact, you've probably spent your whole life doing and achieving stuff. But now you want purpose and meaning. And you won't find it by driving yourself harder.

Ironically, once I found my answers, I knew I'd never achieve purpose and meaning from my senior management career.

That's not to say that other people can't find fulfilment in their careers — just that I couldn't. I left that career and started a training and coaching business, MetaMorphosis Ltd

Living a meaningful life goes beyond material possessions, beyond financial abundance — although it can of course — include both.

You know you're capable of more

That's probably why you're here. You want to contribute at a different level; to develop more of your potential and creativity. And you know those little 'quirks' of yours? Those quirks are what make you, you. They're gold. You're gold. And you're needed — in all your magnificence. So please stop playing small and step into your sacred being-ness. Because when you do, you give others permission to do the same.


It was a revelation!

"Early in my life I’d made big decisions which had worked out well - study, career, marriage, growing a family. So I felt I should be able to work out the next passage of my life. For some time I contemplated on my own, having conversations with trusted friends, referring to written advice and writing down my ideas. My inner voice came up with all sorts of reasons why my goals would have to wait, and threw in doubt; change would affect my family and maybe our financial security.

It was a revelation working with Stephanie as my coach. From the first session we confirmed my core values which would influence my decisions, reflected on my interests, passion and ideas. In our first longer session my energy and optimism was high, as we set the framework for later regular coaching sessions.

These set the pace to reflect on what was going well and ways to resolve the challenges. Like any natural cycle, there were times to follow where doubts crept in and I was distracted. Coaching sessions kept me on track and allowed me to share safely.

Stephanie’s ideas and encouragement were so much appreciated. Her breadth of experience in business, human resources and positive communication guided our process and conversations. I gained valuable insight into what was influencing my decisions; how I could best manage the process of change.

In refreshing my resume I discovered the extent of my knowledge and experience which built my confidence to step out in a new direction while still holding my personal values. Stephanie has a bubbly personality, with a wonderful (and often funny) repertoire of relevant anecdotes to explain her thoughts and gently encourage you.

It was my coaching with Stephanie that has provided me self assurance and the recognition I can achieve my goals with integrity."

Claire Jewell — Environmental Manager

Some options

I've coached and trained thousands of people for over 20 years. My years of experience, a body of wisdom, practical common sense and international qualifications combine to help you make the most of this life of yours.

Take a look at my SHIFT Coaching Programme. Just three sessions could remove whatever is holding you back and propel you forward to a new and exciting life.

I'm happy to schedule a complimentary session to discuss what your 'more' might be and how it would be best to work together.

I can guide you to identify who you are at the core of your being. We'll discover the desirable assets underneath your quirks. I can work with you to develop your mission or purpose and to live a creative, fulfilling life on your terms.

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