Week Four Digest — The Expansiveness Of The Universe

Stephanie Philp - Author, trainer, coach.

Well done you! You've worked your way through 30 days of tips, encouragers and pointers.

The expansiveness of the Universe

And here you are!

Not only have you discovered the tips, you've also devoured three weekly digests to help put everything into perspective. I hope they have helped clarify and deepen your understanding of the conscious creation process.

So — simple but not always easy, yes?

I think I said, right at the beginning that while the conscious creation process — at it’s most fundamental level — is simple, that doesn’t mean to say it’s always easy. There are many nuances of which you may have been unaware.

This past week, the tips have been about the expansive nature of the universe — and ways for you to tap into it.

Quantum physicists have determined something that many people have yet to discover:

Everything in the universe is made up of the same energy — the same stuff. And, yes, I do mean everything: trees, rocks, the device you might be reading this on, you and me. 

Everything is constructed of the same stuff.

This means that everything is connected — that we’re all one with everything else in the universe. I’ll leave you to ponder the implications of this for the time being — if you haven’t already.

This energy vibrates at different frequencies

It attracts to it other energy that is vibrating at that same frequency. The maxim ‘like attracts like’ comes from this fact. It is known as the Law of Attraction (LOA). Reflection, meditation, gratitude, contemplation and daydreaming are all ‘light’ types of thinking — in other words, the energy is fine, delicate and subtle. This energy is associated with calm, relaxed, gentle states. Worry, stress, anxiety and depression have denser, heavier energy and tend to attract feelings of pressure and tension.energy ball

Have you ever experienced this:

You’re busy, but at the back of your mind, you’re imagining calling someone when you get a free moment. Remember, thoughts are a form of energy. Before you get a chance to call, that person gets an urge and calls you. You say, “I was just thinking about you!” It’s a great way to save money on calls!

Often a mother will sense when her child is in some kind of trouble, even when they may be a considerable distance apart.

The Universe is expanding

According to Hubble telescope findings the universe is expanding faster than was at first thought. In fact, astronomers believe they may have to rewrite the rules of physics to understand why. I’m not particularly scientifically inclined, but I am amazed at the vastness of even our little corner of the universe, and because of this I know that possibilities exist that are even beyond our current level of understanding.

The Universe doesn't care about the value of what you ask for

Everything is just energy. Your beliefs may be preventing you getting what you really want. Beliefs may include:
- I have to work hard for everything I get.
- I don’t deserve…
- It can’t be that easy.

It’s easy for me to believe that real ‘magic’ can bring us our desires.

When I use the term magic, I don’t mean the dark arts, witchcraft or voodoo. I have in mind a kind of naive belief that magical occurrences can change life for the better, as the universe responds to our thoughts. We just have to keep our eyes and ears open, be aware of those synchronicities, and seed the universe with positive thoughts of what we desire.

Don't try to control 'how' you'll get your desire.

That’s just wasted energy. Know and trust that it will happen. Do your best to suspend any beliefs to the contrary.

You can do this by making a contract with yourself to  adopt a positive belief for a period of time — say 3 months.

This new belief could be in the form of an affirmation such as “I believe I can have whatever I want and the universe is bringing it to me now.”

Make sure this belief is stated positively and in present tense. Tell the universe you’re ready and willing to accept your dream.

When any contrary thoughts arise, just notice them, let them go and replace them with your affirmation.

So now what?

This is the last of the weekly digests and the tips and encouragers. So now it’s your turn. I’d genuinely love to hear from you. What changes have you made? What differences have you noticed? How are you feeling now about consciously creating your reality?

Do let me know.

You’ll still get regular updates from me, and if you do have questions, I’d love to answer them for you. Let me have ‘em — you could inspire a new blog post!

More resources

There are more posts on the blog that I’m sure will assist you. I’d love for you to share those you find useful via social media. The sooner people realise that the freedom they’re seeking is already within them, the better off we’ll all be. Can you begin to imagine such a world?

There’s also my Goal Setting book, the Inside Your Mind eBook (to help your understanding of how thinking actually works). Even in 'Presentations That Rock' there are chapters about how your thinking impacts your ability to present effectively. REAL People Skills will help you understand different thinking styles so you can be more influential.Goal Setting: 7 Principles to Achieve Remarkable Success. Using the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. strategy to create your future. By Stephanie Philp


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Key points from the last seven days

  • The universe is unlimited - and so are you! Look around you. Everything you see began as a thought; an idea. Marvel at it.
  • You are a part of this universe — not apart from the universe. The same force that runs the universe runs within you.
  • Change your energy frequency (vibration) to change your life.
  • The universe doesn’t care about the value of what you ask for — everything is just energy.
  • Don’t try to figure out how you’ll get what you desire. That’s just wasted energy. Know and trust that it will happen.
  • Take a holistic approach. How will having your dream affect all the other aspects of your life?
  • Everything is connected. You are part of a system which includes everything else in the universe. What impact are you having?

Sound familiar?

I know, I've been there too. It can feel like a constant hunger — that no matter what you do, the satisfaction is always short-lived. The hunger returns, gnawing at your soul.

Or you don’t achieve the goal

Maybe you just lose interest, or it all becomes too hard. But the lack of achievement dents your self-confidence and motivation. It causes self-doubt, negative self-talk and maybe even low self-esteem.

So what are you searching for?

woman searching for purpose and meaning in life

Maybe you can't answer that question. You just know that you want more. I spent years searching for 'more'. The thoughts that drove me were "There must be more to life than this?" and "What am I here for?"

In the end, what was missing was a sense of purpose and meaning.

Ironically, once I found my answers, I knew I'd never achieve purpose and meaning from my senior management career.

That's not to say that other people can't find fulfilment in their careers — just that I couldn't. I left that career and started a training and coaching business, MetaMorphosis Ltd

Living a meaningful life goes beyond material possessions, beyond financial abundance — although it can of course — include both.

You know you’re capable of more.

That's probably why you're here. You want to contribute at a different level; to develop more of your potential and creativity.

I can help!

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