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Stephanie Philp

So many people these days talk about living their best life and using their full potential

It seems as if the whole notion has become a bit of a cliché.

The truth is that most of us are holding ourselves back!

holding yourself backWe don’t do this deliberately, of course. But whether intentionally or unintentionally — the results are just the same — we stay stuck, and struggle to get out of our own way.

I apologise if I seem a bit provocative — OK then — in your face! But I want your attention — now! 

You know you have more to contribute to this world of ours

Your inner knowing tells you that when you are more — you can give more. But how do you become more? It might be as simple as not doing what you’re doing right now. Or maybe, to achieve a new level of success and freedom, you have to overcome the fears and insecurities that keep you stuck.

For example, do you:

  • Play small. (Heaven help that you outshine others!) 
  • Avoid dealing with the fears and issues that hold you back? (Hey, you have a life to live — I get that! But how much easier would life be if you weren’t being held back by some invisible rubber band of limiting beliefs, and were free to launch yourself into a compelling new future?)
  • Avoid taking time to discover your true purpose — let alone live it on a daily basis?
  • ‘Settle’ for what you have, in the belief you should be grateful? (I totally agree with the gratitude part — but being grateful shouldn’t prevent you from wanting more to be grateful for.)
  • Fail to undo negative programming that’s keeping you stuck? (You know, that stuff that keeps sabotaging your goals or that comes back to bite you in the ass?)

What’s preventing you having what you want?

The only things preventing you from having what you want are the — mainly unconscious — thought patterns and beliefs that keep you trapped. We have 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts each day. Unfortunately most of those thoughts are the same thoughts we had yesterday! 

Regardless of your thinking, you have tremendous depths of untapped potential — honestly you do! And the world needs you and what you have to offer — now!

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"I have changed… I will no longer be the person I was. I have been allowed to look deep within and I like who I met – Me! 

I will be eternally grateful to you, Stephanie, and I will continue to change and grow closer to my ultimate mission in life. Its not the last you will see of me as I know there is much more to learn."

Erin Rogers — Co-owner Karioi Lodge Backpackers and Raglan Boat Charters - Wahinemoe

Science has proven neural plasticity;

Our brains adapt, grow and change with our thinking. This means you can be, do and have anything you want, regardless of any prior conditioning to the contrary. So you don’t have to feel stuck, thinking what you thought yesterday, or doing what you’ve always done. I can show you new ways of being. I can SHIFT your thinking to smash through those mental blocks, jump off that emotional merry-go-round and disrupt any negative social programming.

That’s why I developed SHIFT Coaching.

SHIFT gives you an opportunity to Shed Habits Inhibiting Fantastic Triumphs (I love acronyms!)

I’m here to help you find what you want, guide you to all you can be, and ignite your courage to do anything you desire!

How SHIFT Coaching works

SHIFT Coaching Programme

We schedule three SHIFT sessions to work on whatever issue(s) you want to resolve that will assist your personal development. These could be any of the issues below — or something completely different. Whatever you think is holding you back. Or maybe you want to discover what is holding you back — and SHIFT it out of your way!

Download the SHIFT Coaching brochure

SHIFT Coaching Programme

These are some of the issues I can help with:

  • Help you feel excited and passionate about your life again, rather than ’Going through’ life, or losing heart.
  • Discover and change any negative beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Experience freedom from worry, or anxiety about the future.
  • Stop you sabotaging your progress.
  • Build unstoppable confidence and self-esteem.
  • Discover and live in alignment with your own values, instead of trying to squeeze yourself into someone else’s.
  • Put off procrastinating and get motivated again.
  • Break out of cycles of obligation, focusing on what you want to do rather than what you believe you ‘should’ do.

You are much bigger, brighter and more attractive than any of your problems!

My guess is that if you could resolve those issues that apply to you, you would’ve done so already! Of course you would have! The problem is, you don’t know how. 

I’ll let you into a little secret — most people don’t!

I certainly didn’t before I began learning and implementing what I learnt. I gradually peeled away layer-upon-layer of past programming and conditioning that had left me with limiting beliefs about who I was, and what I was capable of. That learning freed me to explore my own sense of self, and begin a process of evolution.

I’m still not perfect

Like most of us, I’m a work in progress. There are always new layers of me to uncover/discover. But maybe I’m a little further along the track. I’ve probably spent a bazillion dollars educating myself. I’m the mad woman that spends more on training courses and personal development than on holidays and hot dinners. I love learning new skills and putting them to good use — and combining them with those I already have — to help myself and others live life on our terms.

But let’s get back to you;

SHIFT Coaching - What kind of life do I want to have quoteAs I mentioned earlier, the world needs you — right now! It’s not your fault you have challenges, it’s due to the programming you’ve had up to this point. And not all programming is negative.

Some of that programming is extremely useful

These days, for example, you can tie your shoelaces while talking to someone. When you were four or five years old, you needed every bit of concentration to tie a shoelace — perhaps including the need to stick your tongue out and hold your mouth in precisely the right way! 

But, by repeatedly tying your shoelaces you developed a shoelace-tying-programme — or else decided slip-ons were the way to go! You probably have thousands of these simple programmes running. They make your life easier — because you don’t have time to re-learn stuff every day!

Other programmes seem to complicate your life

And, just like your shoe lace tying programme — they have also become unconscious. Often you only realise you’ve run the programme when it’s too late. Occasionally you notice while you’re in the middle of a programme — but often can’t do anything to to prevent it running to it’s usual, destructive conclusion. Frustrating!!  And because they’re unconscious programmes they’re hard to figure out and fix — on your own.

“So how do I find them?”

I hear you ask! (You did ask, didn’t you? — yes, of course, you did!)

The answer is to look at your life

If you have money issues, you likely have some negative programming about money. Relationship problems? Probably less-than-useful programmes or beliefs you absorbed from parents or care-givers. The problem is that programmes and beliefs can generalise to other contexts.

For instance, let’s use the shoelace tying example from previously

As a result of learning to tie your shoelaces, your mind generalised that programme to other areas of your life. 

So now you can use the same programme to tie a pretty ribbon around a gift, truss tomato plants to a garden stake, maybe to lash a boat to its moorings, or do fancy nautical knots. You can tie a scarf or a tie. You get the idea — your shoelace tying skills have developed and generalised to other areas of your life.

“Unfortunately, other — less-than-useful programmes — might pervade 
many aspects of your life as well, sabotaging your conscious intentions."

That’s when it’s useful to have an expert to assist you

Stephanie Philp
(Ahem — that’s me by the way!). Together we will discover the root cause of unwanted beliefs, the triggers that start unwanted behaviours, and change your reactions in ways that will both surprise and delight you. 

The skills I use aren’t taught in schools

Despite the fact they have proven their worth worldwide and for over fifty years, changes to the education system can be sloooow. Read about my background, experience and qualifications.

Suffice to say if you’re holding yourself back in any of the ways I’ve already mentioned, I can help.

These are some of the challenges I’ve helped people overcome:

  • Resolving internal conflicts.
  • Achieving unmet goals. 
  • Getting out of a rut.
  • Dissolving phobias.
  • Healing traumas, grief or painful memories.
  • Removing limiting beliefs and unwanted, persistent emotions.
  • Expanding self-awareness.
  • Discovering your life purpose or mission — and ways to live it.
  • Changing negative self-talk.
  • Achieving a feeling of wellbeing.
  • Releasing emotional, psychological or spiritual blockages.
  • Alleviating stress.
  • Overcoming overwhelm.
  • Aligning your three brains.
  • Resolving relationship issues and improving communication.

Sessions are conducted via Zoom and are recorded

You’ll install the Zoom Online Conferencing App on your computer (Easy-peasy and there’s no cost to you). We’ll be able to see and hear each other, and I’ll record our session so you’ll be able to download the video and audio files to watch and listen to as often as you like. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, we can make it work, no matter where you are in the world.

Sessions last for 1 to 1.5 hours

If you prefer, we can schedule two or even all three sessions together and have a breakthrough session of 3 - 4.5 hours.

If, after three sessions you want to continue and explore other issues, you can book another three sessions. Sometimes, an issue can be resolved in a single session. When this happens you’ll get a refund for any unused sessions.

We will schedule session times that suit us both.


New Zealand clients: you’ll make payment by internet banking in advance of the first session. I can invoice you if you prefer. If you want to pay with a Credit Card via PayPal, there is a 2% surcharge.

International clients (outside New Zealand) you’ll pay via PayPal prior to our first session. (You may need to set this up if you don’t already have a PayPal account.)

To find out more about my SHIFT Coaching Package

SHIFT Coaching Programme

I’m happy to send you information about confidentiality, investment details and how to make the most of your SHIFT programme etc. and/or schedule a complimentary phone or Zoom call to answer any questions you might have.

The sooner you get in contact, the sooner you can make the changes you want. 😀

Download the SHIFT Coaching brochure


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