Presentations That Rock


Engage And Wow Your Audience – And Avoid Death By Bullet Point!

With Presentations That Rock, you’ll discover a simple way to present with confidence and charisma. Engage your audience with high-impact, memorable presentations. It’s simpler than you think!

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Make Your Best Ideas Unforgettable

With Presentations That Rock, you’ll discover a simple way to present with confidence and charisma.

Engage your audience with high-impact, memorable presentations. It’s simpler than you think!

Presentations That Rock: Engage And Wow Your Audience – And Avoid Death By Bullet Point! offers:

  • An easy-to-follow structure for building a successful presentation.
  • The three crucial components every successful presentation delivers.
  • The best alternatives to “death by bullet point”.
  • A simple presentation design you can follow time and time again.
  • How to anticipate (and answer) questions in your audience’s minds.
  • A way to eliminate information overload completely.
  • An approach for managing nerves so you feel confident and in control the moment you begin.

Memorable presentations increase your influence and help you spread your ideas

If you want to influence people, you need a presentation that’s simple and engaging.

In Presentations That Rock, you’ll learn techniques for preparing your slides, plus effective presentation strategies used by charismatic speakers. Stephanie facilitates corporate trainings costing thousands of dollars on this subject. 

You’ll discover:
  • How to define the outcome you want to achieve before you write a single word.
  • A simple storyboarding method for achieving sequence and flow.
  • How to position visuals and a few key words for memorable, polished slides.
  • Where to use color, white space, and invisible lines on your slides.
  • An easy way to come across as a confident and passionate presenter.
  • Unique ways to involve your audience and keep them engaged.
  • Effective presentation rehearsal so you can build your confidence and ease.

Presentations That Rock emphasizes a process for designing presentations the right way from the start. You’ll find recommendations for a simple structure and tools to use.

Leave your presentation overwhelm behind! Step into a world of confident, clear, memorable … Presentations That Rock.


“Approachable and empowering”Steven Washer

“Stephanie has accomplished something quite elusive to many. She makes the whole idea of putting PowerPoint/Keynote presentations together approachable and empowering on a scale of simple that I can relate to with great enthusiasm. I particularly liked her specific recommendations for images, fonts and simple design for the non-designer. She proves why those standard themes are so not up to the task of getting your points across in a compelling way… and more importantly, how you can do it yourself in a much better way.”

Steven Washer –

“For the presenter who wants to make their presentations sizzle.”Mary-Anne Murphy

“Presentations That Rock” is an easy to digest eBook that personifies what it advocates. Information is logically presented in bite-size portions. Carefully explained and demonstrated strategies provide recipes for success. I would recommend this ebook to both the beginner and seasoned presenter who want to make their presentations sizzle.”

Mary-Anne Murphy – Educational Facilitator

“An entertaining and inspiring read.”Meredith Youngson

“Anyone who uses Power Point or Keynote for presentations, whether you are experienced or a complete novice, will benefit immensely from reading ‘Presentations that Rock’ by Stephanie Philp. The easy conversational style, clever illustrations, and gentle humour make this an entertaining and inspiring read. I especially appreciated the section on story boarding – a sure way to make your presentations flow. I highly recommend this book as a gold mine of practical advice, tips and ideas to ensure your presentations are powerful and engaging.“

Meredith Youngson – Co-founder –

“I use it for all my presentations”Johanna Budai

“Whether you are a novice at making presentations or not, Stephanie’s e-book ‘Presentations That Rock’ is a must-read.  I particularly enjoyed the useful checklists and the examples Stephanie includes, and of course the wonderful light-hearted humour she uses throughout. 

I now apply Stephanie’s method to all my presentations and workshops and find it works for me every time.”

Joanna Budai – Career Development Consultant

‘Enlightening, logical and highly effective’

“I recently had a presentation to construct for a South Island Primary Industry Conference. What started off as an overwhelming task became a simple exercise, with the use of Steph’s “Presentations that rock”.
Steph’s unique way of relaying information and instructions broke the task down into a process of logical steps that included critical thinking about purpose and outcome components as Key to the presentation structure.
The easy to follow book answered all the questions I had raised in my head, and kept me focused on the purpose of my presentation.

The book highlights key points, such as keeping visual PowerPoint information simple, yet interesting. This ensures audience attention is maintained, without being bombarded with all the information we are tempted to throw at them.

Seemingly small things like how to integrate pictures into a power point for maximum impact I found very useful.

With the help of a display board and post-it notes, I was able to quickly get an idea of the bones of what I wanted to include in my presentation, leaving the last few steps of sitting at the computer to construct the power point a breeze.

Thanks so much Steph for this enlightening, logical and highly effective book.”

Jenny Malcolm – Coach

Great checklist summariesMichael Beale

“Excellent presentation skills ebook: short, well laid out and great checklist summaries to help us put into practise what we’ve learnt”

Michael Beale – 1:1 NLP Trainer and Business

“Engaging, clearly set out and easy to follow.Amanda Dunlop

“All I can say is THANK YOU!  Your eBook – Presentations That Rock, couldn’t have come at a better time. 

I have been reading (or trying to read) other information about constructing PowerPoints but none have been so engaging, clearly set out and easy to follow.  I love the way you led me through it with engaging headings on each paragraph and there wasn’t TOO MUCH information in each one.  For someone who resists reading detailed info off the computer screen, this E-Book is perfect.

One of the most valuable things I got from it was that the focus be on your audience with a view to encouraging participation therefore giving them something practical and relevant they can take away to use straight-away.  For me that makes the difference between a really worthwhile workshop and one that leaves me not feeling sure what I got from it.

Of course your usual lovely humour comes through and that also helps keep you engaged.

Well done.”

Amanda Dunlop – Director –