How To Conquer Your Toxic Thinking To Align With Your Dream

How To Conquer Your Toxic Thinking To Align With Your Dream by Stephanie Philp
How to conquer your toxic thinking to align with your dream

The Law of Attraction is simple

At a simple and fundamental level, the Law of Attraction (LOA) says that the energy of your thoughts, feelings and focus determines what you attract into your life. So why does it sometimes seem so difficult?

Unfortunately, films such as, The Secret that was released a few years ago led people a little astray. It proposed that by just sitting in your armchair and visualising driving a sports car, living in your dream home and having money to burn, you could pretty much turn your dreams into reality.

When the reality people visualised didn’t eventuate, LOA started getting a bad rap.

People said the LOA was rubbish. This is a bit like saying that the law of gravity is rubbish, as you simultaneously step off the edge of a cliff. The fact that you don’t believe in gravity will not stop you falling like a rock and making a big, bloody mess on the ground!

Universal laws are tricky like that; it doesn’t matter whether you believe them or not — they still operate.

So why doesn’t visualisation work?

Visualisation, done correctly, works very well. But it’s only one part of the LOA. Remember the LOA says that the energy of your thoughts, feelings and focus determines what you attract into your life. This is, in itself a bit of a double-edged sword.

It's useful to examine the LOA more holistically.

The LOA doesn’t only apply when you’re consciously visualising your dream life. It’s operating the whole time and with all your thoughts and feelings. Many of us are unaware of our regular thinking patterns, but all thinking patterns are attractive — and not necessarily in the way you’d like...

Toxic thinking has you focus on lack

Let’s say you look at your bank account and find there is $100 in your account. You could focus on the fact that you’ve ‘only’ got $100 ‘left’ in your bank account and begin worrying about how you’re going to afford groceries this week, how you’re going to pay your bills etc.

Your thoughts, feelings and focus are on 'lack'. The LOA will bring you more of the same — lack — so that even that $100 will dwindle away. money

Whereas, with the same $100 in your account your attitude to it could be, “Wow! I’ve got $100, how fantastic is that!” The law responds to your thoughts, energy and focus of abundance by bringing you more wealth.

The feeling of lack is entirely different to the sense of abundance

This is important because it’s the energy of our emotions that the universe is responding to rather than our thoughts.

So why am I banging on about thoughts?

For most of the time, thoughts precede feelings. A positive thought will produce a positive feeling in your body. When you feel good, it’s much easier to think another positive thought, which in turn generates another positive feeling.

A toxic thought will produce a negative emotion. When you're feeling negative, it's easy to think another toxic thought. The second negative thought will make you feel worse than you did before.

Both positive and negative feelings are attractive or magnetic; they will bring you more of the same. Unless, of course, you become conscious of your thinking and, if it’s negative, change it, so you start feeling better.

There's good news! We have the benefit of time

Thankfully we have the benefit of time and generally neither our negative nor positive thoughts manifest instantaneously.

While I’m not advocating you become paranoid about the quality of your thinking, it is essential to pay attention to it and to how you’re feeling.

If despite visualising every day, you spend the rest of the time thinking troubling, negative and jealous thoughts, your negative thinking will easily cancel out your ten minutes of positive visualisation.

time clocks

If you blame others, beat yourself up, call yourself names and always assume the worst case scenario for most of the time you’re awake, you’ll just keep attracting more of the same thoughts and associated feelings.

And more lack.

So how do you change?

It's useful to change it one thought at a time. And yes, it might sound as if it's going to take the rest of your life — I know — I've been there!

The results are exponential

I can tell you that the more you notice and change those toxic thoughts, the easier it becomes, and the less you'll need to do it.

Isn't that the same with most changes you've made — the more you practice, the easier it becomes?

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