How To Be Perfect – In An Imperfect Kind-Of-A-Way

How To Be Perfect - In An Imperfect Kind-Of-A-Way
How To Be Perfect - In An Imperfect Kind-Of-A-Way

Have the images that we're constantly bombarded by, changed our perception of perfect?

I think so!

Pictures of impossibly long-legged, airbrushed, flawlessly bronzed supermodels seduce our psyche. Juggernaut cosmetic industries promote celebrities with perfect bodies, hair, skin and nails, and minus any scars or wrinkles. We rarely get an insight into how long or how many people it takes to produce this type of perfection.

The beauty industry is valued at $US532 billion

Add to that the $16.6 billion spent on cosmetic plastic surgery in USA in 2018 and it seems there’s no shortage of people chasing perfection.

The pressure to be 'more'

Many feel the subliminal pressure from almost every type of media to be 'more'; more beautiful, more thin, more attractive. There is coercion to be 'as good as', or at least be able to compete in the attractiveness stakes. I believe many people are comparing themselves unfavourably to these perfectly suntanned, airbrushed men and women found in glossy magazines, social media and videos.

If you're not born with natural beauty and don't have the strength of character to be unconcerned by others' appearance, what happens? 

As a result of the perceived pressure to 'match up', increasing numbers are developing psychological disorders and experiencing frightening levels of stress and anxiety.

the pressure to be more

Others suffer self-confidence and self-esteem issues.

Families are losing relatives to suicide. 

I know that not all suicides are the result of this pressure to be beautiful on the outside. But I also know, from my work, that many are — or that it's often a contributing factor.

Why is it so unacceptable to simply be who we are, and appreciate ourselves and each other? 

We are all perfect expressions of God, The Universe, All That is.

"You are an infinite spiritual being, having a temporary human experience."
Dr Wayne W Dyer

Before birth, we were just sparks of eternal light. 

As tiny babies, we're accepted and loved, we're a part of everything that's going on. We're unable to discern any separation between us and the world. As we grow, we're encouraged to develop a sense of self and to strive for independence. We often forget that we are perfect, spiritual beings of light having a human experience. Rather than being a part of our environment and those around us, we endeavour to set ourselves apart.

Everyone on the planet has something to offer the world

We all have many skills and talents with at least one aspect that makes us unique and special. And as we're all constantly changing and evolving, maybe it would be more worthwhile to concentrate on developing the innate gifts we bring to this world of ours. It would undoubtedly be more useful than worrying about how we look on the outside, and whether our bodies fit into a perfect mould that 99.9 per cent of the population cannot possibly squeeze into. 

Maybe we could evolve together

If people fully embraced who they are at their core, the cosmetic industry and its associated activities might eventually die out. But really, would that be such a bad situation? It could, at least, be a sign that we are evolving as a species, and beginning to see and appreciate people for who they really are. It would prevent us from being blinded by the outwardly attractive people on Hollywood's 'most desirable' lists. We would remember that those people who have the currently sought-after shape, looks and flowing locks are just doing a job — the same as everyone else.

How much more productive would this approach be?

Instead of focusing on external appearances, we might concentrate on heartfelt appreciation of people simply because they share the planet with us.

By finding a true heart connection, we'll discover their unique attributes, recognising each soul as another aspect of ourselves. Maybe we would begin to understand ourselves and spend our time and money developing the gifts that, innately, we already have.

Discover what makes you unique. 

Find your special talents and skills, then flaunt them for all the world to see and hear! Figure out what you're able to contribute to the world — and get cracking. The world needs you!

I think we can all claim to be perfect! 

Even the opposite of perfect: imperfect, reveals a secret message within the word; "I'm perfect." I know that language is not coincidental.

I'm perfect

Maybe we’re meant to pay attention. So, sorry, but it doesn't matter which way you look at it, you're going to have to live with your own perfection — exactly as you are right now.



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