How Law of Attraction Works: The Universe Constantly Says ‘Yes’ To You!

Universe-LOA Law of Attraction says yes
How to get what you want when you don't have the money - by Stephanie Philp

The Law of Attraction is a universal law

I dropped my iPhone on the concrete floor of my house. I’d done this on several previous occasions, (yes, I know I can be clumsy!) but the case had protected it. This time it didn’t - and the glass screen smashed.

That’s how gravity works

When we drop things, they fall to the ground. Unless it’s a helium-filled balloon, we wouldn’t expect to have something slip from our hands and float up and away. You don’t need to believe in the law of gravity to see the effects of gravity — it’s a universal law.

Do you struggle with another universal law - the Law of Attraction?

At its essence, the Law of Attraction (LOA) is simple; we attract to us what we think, speak about and do. The mechanics of the ‘thinking, speaking and doing’ are what get people tied up in knots.

Some people say the LOA is rubbish

This assertion is a bit like saying that the law of gravity is rubbish, as you simultaneously step off the edge of a cliff. You not believing in gravity will not stop you falling like a rock and making a big, bloody mess on the ground!

Cartoon splat

It doesn’t matter whether you believe these universal laws — they still operate.

You don’t need to accept, or even understand, the Law of Attraction to see its effects. Look around you. Your life will reflect the quality of your thinking, speaking, and your actions up to this point.

This short video explains this really clearly

It is a short clip of Neale Donald Walsch talking about the Law of Attraction.

You may have seen or heard of him. Neale is the best-selling author of Conversations With God, among other titles. About halfway through the video, he gives the simplest explanation of the Law of Attraction I’ve ever heard. I wanted to share it with you in this post because it’s often useful to hear someone talk about it, as well as reading words.

The universe only says ‘Yes!’

Simply, the Law of Attraction says that God, the Universe, the Quantum Field or whatever you want to call the energy that connects us all, constantly says, ‘yes’ to whatever we think, say or do. Another way of understanding this law is that our thoughts and emotions are magnetic — and eventually become things.

The Universe agrees with you

So if you’re continually saying, “I need more money”, the universe says, ‘Yes, you do need more money!’ This results in more of what you already have — in this case, a lack of/wanting more money.

Your deep underlying concern is that there is a lack of money and the universe is saying ‘yes’ to that concern or belief. Or you say, “I’m sick and tired of my life the way it is!” Then the universe says, ‘Yes, that’s true. You are sick and tired.’ And you get sicker and more tired. Your despondent language has a harmful effect on your emotions and energy.

Negative language has the same effect

Negation — saying what you don’t want — will mean you get more of what you don’t want. To express what you don’t want, means your focus is on whatever it is you don’t wish to attract — which pulls it towards you. When you negate something, you can only do it with language. For example, if I say "don’t think about a purple teddy bear", you have to think about a purple teddy bear before you can stop thinking about a purple teddybear!

If you’re thought is “I wish I didn’t have sweaty feet.” The universe responds with, ‘Yes, you wish you didn’t have sweaty feet.’ And so you manifest an ongoing sweaty feet problem!

So, how do you make the Law of Attraction work for you?

Again, the theory is simple. You think, talk and act as if you already have whatever it is you want. You use the words ‘have’ and ‘am’ instead of ‘want’ or ‘wish’. Here are some examples. Keep in mind that the universe always says ‘yes’. The key is to make sure your thoughts, beliefs, what you say, and your actions all match.

“I have a wonderful life, filled with love and abundance.” (I am focused on the aspects of life that are wonderful and where I already have love and abundance in my life. In this way the universe is saying, ‘yes’ - and bringing you more.)

“I have a healthy body.”

“I have a loving relationship with my partner.”

“I have gratitude for all the good in my life.”

“I am successful in all areas of my life.”

Now, contrast the previous sentences with the sentences below, again bearing in mind that the universe is saying, ‘yes’ to everything. Also, notice the underlying assumptions:

“I wish I had a better job.” (Implies you don’t have a better job.)

“I want to live a happy life.” (Conveys your life is unhappy.)

“I’m fed up with struggling.” (Signifies you’re struggling.)

I know this isn’t always easy

I wrote another post that might help with the mechanics of changing your thinking. It’s called Creating Your Reality: One Thought At a Time

The Law of Attraction is simple

Think, speak and behave as if you already had what it is you desire. Yes, it might seem counter-intuitive and as if you're wishful thinking. But please know that you can manifest anything your heart desires when you think, speak, and behave in ways that get you what you want.

It’s easy to notice when you don’t have whatever it is you want, but doing that will create more lack. Reminding yourself that the universe is always saying, ‘yes’ is a great way to notice and keep track of what thoughts, language and actions will work best to bring you what you want. Start today!

Remember, the law of attraction is operating regardless of whether you believe it. It’s a universal law that’s as reliable as the law of gravity.

Take some inspired action

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